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Marvels in Europe

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To take full advantage of the interactivity of this site, you will need to download and install Google Earth. We hope you will enjoy your tours of the Marvels of the World and come back often for new experiences. Remember that each time you click on a Google Earth hyperlink (KMZ file) you should look for and open a video or envelope symbol for more information about the place you are visiting.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave off the coast of an island called Capri in Italy.  It has a partly submerged opening into the sea, like most grottos. The grotto was used by Roman emperors as a bathing ground. But now in modern times it has become a popular tourist spot. The Blue Grotto is also one of the seven wonders of the natural world because it has wonderful sparkling aqua blue water. Sunlight passing through an underwater cavity and shinning through the seawater creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cave. The Blue Grotto can be reached by motorboat from the port on Marina Grande, by bus from Anacapri.  To enter the low opening to the grotto, you would have to lie in the bottom of the boat as it goes in. Locals once believed that the Blue Grotto was inhabited by witches and monsters because it was such a natural wonder. See The Blue Grotto Video


By Sarah Raugewitz

Reims Cathedral

Reims Cathedral is located in Reims, France, and is where the kings of the country France were once crowned. Before Reims Cathedral was built, there was another cathedral but it burned down in 1211. The construction of the cathedral began in 1211. Reims Cathedral was completed by the end of the 13th century except the western front part of the cathedral. The western front par t of the cathedral was finally built in the 14th century with designs from the 13th century. See Reims Cathedral Video



By Miranda Castillo 

Mt. Athos, Greece 

Welcome to Mt. Athos country of men. Do you know why they call it a country of men? It s because there are no girls allowed on this island. Not even female animals are allowed. Also if you are a guy they won’t let you visit the holy mountain without the proper papers. The clocks here run on Byzantine time. If radios, television, and paved roads didn’t exist in the year 972 A.D. they don’t exist here. Just 30 yrs ago it appeared that Athos was about to die out. The buildings were in disrepair and most of the monks were old. Today however, the average age has fallen to something closer to 40 here. Life here is very calm and your bedtime would be 9:30 pm. Mt. Athos is located in Greece. If you’re planning to stay overnight here overnight stay is forbidden unless you have proven that you have religious beliefs or are over 18. So if your looking for a calming, relaxing and girl free life you should go to Mt. Athos country of men. See Mt. Athos Video

By Sage Chaffin

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius is found just east of Nepal, Italy.  Mount Vesuvius is one of the most famous volcanoes in the world.  Because it has an eruption cycle of about 20 years, it is one of the most dangerous volcanos.  Many people live near it which makes it one of the most deadly volcanos in the world.  The most deadly eruption was in 79 AD when it destroyed the town of Pompeii.  The eruption was very deadly. See Mount Vesuvius video


By Austin Savage 


Moscow Russia

Moscow, Russia is the biggest city in Russia and the capital. Moscow is not only the largest city in Russia but is the largest city in Europe. Moscow is on the Moska River in the European part of Russia. Moscow has many historical sites like the Red Square, which is a square that separates the royalty and the rich from the merchants.  Moscow was once part of the Soviet Union, which was one of the biggest communist countries. In Moscow 1.2 million people come to visit the Moscow Zoo a year. Moscow also has a high number of billionaires. See Moscow, Russia Video.



By Cadence Keeten 


Pompeii City of the Past

In a.d. 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted. Because of this massive eruption, Pompeii was buried under ashes and pumice for about 1,500 years.  Among Pompeii were the cities of Naples and Caserta which were also buried. After 1,800 years after Mount Vesuvius’s eruption, archeologists discovered buried skeletons. Before the eruption, Pompeii had approxitmately 20,000 residents.See Pompeii City of the Past Video.

By Nallely Rios

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