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Literacy Two Point O

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Literacy 2.0

Today a new age is evolving, a newly formed conceptual age; an age and time when people collaborate to expand disciplines. A discipline is a developmental path for acquiring certain skills or competencies. In the past we have individually mastered our own proficiencies as we explored our world from one perspective, our own.  Now with collaboration technologies such as Literacy 2.0 individuals are enlightened by becoming aware of individual perspective by exposing ones own knowledge to the outside world.


The emergence of Literacy 2.0 will have an impact on the world by shifting the illusions of individual perceptions on how we as a society will learn and work together. Literacy 2.0 will give individuals the ability to expand the capacity to create new patterns of thinking that are nurtured in collaborative learning. What fundamentally distinguishes Literacy 2.0 from traditional Web 1.0 read only web is the potential to expand collaboratively on basic disciplines.


Web 2.0 is an expansion of the original applications of Web 1.0 which is most commonly referred to as read only web. Read only Web 1.0 allows users to explore the network for information seeking. Web 2.0 is a new set of tools that allows users to collaborate ideas through new mediums of expression. These mediums of Web 2.0 expressions technology allow non-web designers to create, remix, and mash together their own content online. Web 2.0 content creation tools occurs through the design of multi-user interfaces such as wiki’s, podcasting, vodcasting, and blogs.  





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